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Over the last twenty five years Robin Rimbaud – Scanner has traversed the experimental terrain between sound, space and image, connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres – a partial list would include sound design, film scores, computer music, avant garde, contemporary composition, large-scale multimedia performances, product design, architecture, fashion design, rock music and jazz.
Today he announces his first studio album since 2009, ‘Fibolae’, set for release on December 1st 2017 via the independent label run by Anna von Hausswolff, Pomperipossa Records. Order a copy and get a download link emailed to you as soon as the order is fulfilled by the label.

With a catalogue busy with commissions, soundtracks and strange projects this is the first studio album since 2009’s Rockets, ‘Unto the Edge of Rockets’ (Bine Music). In this time much has changed – he lost his entire family and left the comfort of a familiar city, London, to live in a former textile factory in the UK to re-invent his life.
‘Fibolae’ offers up a world that splinters between melancholia and penetrating energy. Combining digital technologies, software and live instrumentation it is both a rhetoric of mourning and a celebration of music to empower. Warm, organic, sensual, passionate and frequently angry, it’s an album that radiates with possibilities.
As to the meaning of the title, ‘Fibolae’? There is none. It was a word that appeared to Scanner in a dream, at a time of great challenges in his life. The fact that his unconscious mind could conjure up such inventions that offer no history and context was appealing and yet it was suggestive, playful and open.
Scanner live dates:

07 Oct London, UK 22rpm Festival, St John on Bethnal Green
28 Oct Kaslisz, Poland Kalisz Ambient Festival Poland
18 Nov Parma, Italy The steps of Teatro Farnese
Until Oct 28th Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire, UK The Dreamer is Still Asleep sound and smell installation (details)

'Fibolae' track list:
01 Inhale
02 Footpaths
03 Nothing Happens Because of a Single Thing
04 Seaven Teares
05 Caesura
06 Spirit Cluster
07 Reforged
08 Thunder and Cathode
09 Eyeout
10 Savage is Savage (Soundcloud)

Scanner press shot