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Our beautiful Nebulosa is back with new album "Dark Myths"

Pomperipossa Records proudly release "Dark Myths" on September 25th.

A limited vinyl 12" release of 250 copies.


What you are about to listen to are four music compositions which have been derived from sound experimentation and free improvisation - which in turn, has been crystallized into a new, in-generate format.

"Dark Myths" narrates a subconsciously written story of mystical depths.

An ancient call. A primal echo from a distant cosmos that is constantly expanding and fluctuating. Its nuances are intangible yet colourful, vibrant and ferocious. If the concept of 'myth' aims to explain mystery, "Dark myths" is the antithesis, leaving the mystery unsolved.

Through an introspective and mesmerizing journey that leads to a nature of mythical symbolism, Joel Fabiansson frees his creativ mind towards gloomy landscapes and rhythms; unveiling a deeper side of consciousness while giving you a sense of wonder.

"Dark Myths" is written and composed by Joel Fabiansson

Recorded and mixed by Filip Leyman
Mastered by Måns Wikenmo
Cover photo by Maria von Hausswolff and Lasse Schmidt Hansen
Cover design by Christoffer Johansson

(P) Pomperipossa records, 2019