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Pomperipossa Records is pleased to reveal the debut of Anne Gry Friis Kristensen - under her moniker Fabienne Erato.

Release date: 24th of May
Limited 12´vinyl edition of 150 copies

An album that has been composed on a Buchla Music Easel and captured on a portable tape recorder. Fabienne Erato creates sounds that seem to come from a deep abyss, where a not-yet-known conscience started navigating her own existence. Far away from the surface and its laws, her music recreates time and its rules. It slows down seconds, until it forges a calm disoriented feeling, where you both get lost and find yourself again. Fabienne Erato frees her creative intuition in silences and repetitions, through a slow, hypnotic, meditative process - a sublime genesis of an original idea, that has been sleeping for centuries. 

A quiet, profound and evocative kind of music, which has the ability of creating a poetic, never-static image of itself. 

This work has no name. It is accompanied only by a poem by Maria Von Hausswolff and wild animals/field prints on copper plates by Pernille Kløvedal Helweg.

Text by Gianluca Grasselli