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Pomperipossa Records is incredibly proud and happy to present one of our absolute dream releases "Brev från Leksand" by Daniel Ögren. Ögren is in our opinion one of the most unique artists in Sweden. He lives in the shadow of his music and while he's still mostly unknown by the great mass he has started to gather a strong alliance of followers and fans. We at Pomperipossa Records are eager to share his new album "Brev från Leksand" which is his strongest work to date, out October 26th, 2018.

Limited VINYL 12´ edition of 200 copies. Screen printed and aquarelle painted by Anna von Hausswolff (who has also made the cover artwork). All copies will be wrapped in delicate transparent paper and sealed with a black Pomperipossa  wax stamp. All copies will be more or less different from each other since they will be painted by hand. Pre-order is now available. 

Listen to first single BYRVIKEN 


"Brev från Leksand" is a continuation of Ögren´s earlier work "Brev till Kristinehamn" (released on Havtorn Records). It´s produced, recorded and mixed by Ögren himself. The music is composed by Ögren and recorded layer by layer, mostly played by Ögren on various instruments. Compared to earlier works "Brev från Leksand" has a more rhythmic character, and has been produced and executed throughout a longer period of time. On this album Ögren has invited lots of great musicians to help shape and articulate the original musical landscape that is Daniel Ögren (see musician list below).

On "Brev från Leksand" (translated as "Letter from Leksand") Ögren mostly draws inspiration from the geographic environment that is his home, but he has also been inspired by other places that have made a great impact on him. All titles have a meaning, but the music has to speak for itself, as we wrote before: Ögren likes to live in the shadow of his music.

This special and characteristic music has its roots in South American folk music, soul, nordic folk music, and film soundtracks, but when you listen to Ögren´s music it´s very hard to define it. It seems familiar, ancient and alien at the same time. With cinematic gestures he manages to create a completely new universe full of strange and fascinating life. 

Side A
Opening (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: A. Zethson, J. Holmegard, C. Cantillo
Tornehamn (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: C. Cantillo, G. Rådström
Byrviken (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: C. Cantillo, G. Rådström
Junsele (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: C. Cantillo, G. Rådström, A. Zethson, J. Holmegard
Dagen Efter (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: A. Ahnlund, L. Nord, E. Pärnoja, M. Augustsson, N. Berg, C. Cantillo

Side B
Opening (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: C. Cantillo, N. Berg
Björkberget (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: C. Cantillo, N. Berg
Alviken (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: L. Nord, C. Cantillo
Måne Över Tasbäck (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: L. Nord
Paradise Tasbäck (Daniel Ögren)
Musicians: G. Rådström, C. Cantillo, A. Ahnlund, M. Augustsson

Daniel Ögren on guitars, synthesizers, bass, percussion, congas, bongos, piano, cuica, autoharp, handclap, backing vocals

Guest musicians: Christopher Cantillo (drums, percussion, handclap), Gustav Rådström (alto and tenor saxophone), Livet Nord (five-stringed violin), Viktor Skokic (string arrangements on Dagen Efter, Alviken and Måne Över Tasbäck), Johan Holmegard (congas), Nils Berg (bass clarinet, flute), Mikael Augustsson (bandoneon, accordion) , Erik Pärnoja (trumpet), Alexander Zethson (solo synthesizer), Anna Ahnlund (lead vocals) 

Facts about Daniel Ögren:

Daniel Ögren.
Producer, composer and live/studio musician. 
Played with Daniel Johnston, Anna von Hausswolff, Sarah Riedel, Beldina Malaika, Anna Järvinen, Goran Kajfes, Fatoumata Diawara, Nils Berg etc.
Currently working as musician with Small Feet, Albert af Ekenstam, Musette, Anna Ahnlund, and Johan Graden.
Wrote film music together with Johan Graden to the movie "Moving Stories" which was screened at MOMA in New York, 2018. 
Produced all of his albums plus the latest EP by Albert af Ekenstam "Hundred Miles".
Since 2011 Ögren has released 5 albums under his own name. In 2017 his side project Isla Del Rojo was released on Tona Serenad. Isla del Rojo is a collaboration between Daniel Ögren and the drummer Ulrik Ording. The music is based around Ögren´s compositions.

Earlier releases:
*Laponia -2011 Hoob Records, cd
*Laponia II - 2013 Havtorn Records, kassett
*Brev Till Kristinehamn-2014 Havtorn Records, kassett 
*Sånga - 2015 Havtorn Records, vinyl
*Mountains - 2015 Havtorn Records, vinyl
*Isla del Rojo - 2017 Tona Serenad, vinyl