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Silk screen print limited edition of 400 copies. 4 hard ground etching/images transformed into screen prints (100 copies of each image), printed on white delicate paper. Hand printed and signed by the artist (and MAYBE coloured by hand). You will NOT be able to see your print in advance and the images you see here are only examples of what Anna has done before. You are NOT buying any of these prints. Price 700 SEK (approx 70euro),plus shipping. Measures around 50x70. 


"I´m going to make a limited edition of 400 prints that will cover the expenses for an upcoming US tour.

I will do 4 different etchings/images on hard ground copper plate, and then the developed images will be transformed into silk screen prints, printed on white delicate paper. I´ll print a full edition of 400 copies (100 copies of each image) and I´ll do everything myself, by hand. All of them will be signed and MAYBE coloured by hand. I don’t know exactly what to engrave yet, but the images will be SIMILAR to the images you see in this post. The images you see here are only examples of what my prints usually look like. The price is 70euro per print. You will not be able to choose what image you’ll get and you won’t be able to see your image in advance, but all of them will be equally as beautiful. It will be delivered in December and have measures around 50x70 cm. 

The money for these prints will help to make an upcoming US tour happen (in October). Without these money I won’t be able to do the tour as the expenses are too high such as visas and transport.  

Your contribution help to expand my market, to make the US tour happen, and you will also gain a piece of art that would have been worth tenfold the price if it would have been sold in a gallery. YOUR SUPPORT MEANS EVERYTHING. 

(Unfortunately I will still have to cancel half of the tour, this means I will only do west coast this time. I’m very sorry about this but there’s no other way. I have already posted about NY and Baltimore, but these shows will with or without your contribution be cancelled)."